Rafa - Filmmaker

My passion for science, with a background in Marine Science, and my vocation as filmmaker made me join both worlds to produce documentaries as well as outreach and educational videos.

I've produced several video projects for NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) missions like ATTREX, KORUS-AQ, ORACLES and CAMP2Ex bringing science closer to the general public and showing the work researchers do in the field as they study our planet.

I've also directed “Project M.A.R.T.E.”, and educational work that comprises a documentary and several videos to be used in schools, to show students the research being done by NASA scientists on the limits of life on Earth and the possibilities of finding it in other planets (Astrobiology).

I collaborate actively with different research institutions like BAERI (Bay Area Environmental Research Institute) and BMSIS (Blue Marble Space Institute of Science) creating engaging content to communicate science and share their mission.

Monica - Photographer

With over 18 years into professional photography, I give my best in every project to try to capture the perfect moment. Light, framing... taking pictures is one thing, telling stories is the challenge.

I’ve travelled the world with different NASA campaigns like ORACLES and CAMP2Ex and my pictures have been published in different NASA news websites and blogs.

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